The Dojo

Founded in 1978, Rocky DiRico's School of Kenpo Karate has been training kids, teens, and adults for 38 years. Most classes are taught by Professor DiRico, a 10th degree black belt and multiple world champion. The school has 5 rules that guide students. The dojo teaches Kenpo Karate as well as weapon and sparring techniques, appropriate for the age of the students.

About Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is derived from the Chinese martial arts “chu’ an fa” a traditional martial art, originating from the island of Hawaii. The roots of Kenpo date back to China and Japan and are based on the movements of the five traditional Kung Fu animals, and the five classical Kung Fu elements.

The art is powerful and graceful, and provides solid self defense techniques, as well as a challenging fitness and educational program for children and adults.