Why We’re Different

The dojo is a friendly community where adults, teens, and kids work to support each other and help each other progress and improve. 

Different students progress at different paces. There are classes geared for all levels and many senior students participate in lower level classes to help newer students advance.

Many parents train with their children creating a virtuous cycle of improvement and dedication among them.

Character is as important as physical training. One of the things that Professor DiRico does to encourage a good attitude outside of the dojo is by rewarding younger students who have been 'caught doing their best'. Students can take home a sheet that lets their parents note when they have been respectful, helpful, responsible, and shown good manners. When they fill up the sheet, they are recognized in front of the class and presented with one of the trophies that Professor DiRico has won at a tournament. 

Accommodating all learning styles
Professor DiRico excels at working with students with many different learning styles, including those on the spectrum.