You gave him confidence

Hi Rocky,

Just wanted to thank you for taking your valuable time to help C yesterday. He has been practicing defending himself both verbally and physically. I think you gave him the confidence he didn’t have before, and for that, I’m grateful. Hopefully, he’ll protect himself next time!

If your off to come to his school still stands, we would love to take you up on it. I wanted to get your permission before approaching his school. I’m sure they would love the idea, as they should. 😉

Also, I recommended you to a good friend of mine and she is very interested for her daughter, A (almost 4). Would she be able to try your class sometime to determine if she is ready? (ed. note – of course!)

Thank you again for your help as it meant so much to me, my husband, and C. We feel fortunate that C has such a wonderful sensei to learn from.