Kenpo Karate is a traditional martial art, originating from the island of Hawaii. The roots of Kenpo date back to China and Japan and are based on the movements of the five traditional Kung Fu animals, and the five classical Kung Fu elements. The art is powerful and graceful, and provides solid self defense techniques, as well as a challenging fitness and educational program for children and adults.



No matter your level of ability, all are welcome. Whether you have never tried any martial arts before or you already have many years of training behind you and wish to try a new style.

We understand every person is different and students will never be pressured into doing something they cannot do. However time can bring pleasant surprises as your abilities increase.



Lead instructor Rocky DiRico has over 700 first place finished and 100 grand champion wins. Professor DiRico is joined by over a dozen senior instructors including his wife, Shihan Wendy DiRico and son Chris DiRico.