AII combinations are practiced with partner (uke) in a Left front stance then half mooning forward w/Right and Right front two knuckle punch.

Combination 1

  1. Left/parry block while drawing back into cat stance, Left foot forward
  2. Shuffle in w/Left foot and perform a Left arm wrap, 
  3. Right rake to face with immediate Right chicken wrist to temple, 
  4. Right leg sweep takedown still holding uke’s arm w/my Left, 
  5. Right thrust punch to face, 
  6. Right driving knife hand to face.

Combination 2

  1. Left foot meets Right foot & Right foot steps to the inside of uke’s punch with a simultaneous #3 block with closed fist to uke’s arm 
  2. Right back two knuckle punch to the face
  3. Shuffle in and Right elbow to the solar plexus or shoulder pushing uke back and off balance
  4. Right ridge hand takedown behind uke’s knee
  5. Shift body forward into low Right front stance and Left shuto to groin while holding uke’s leg up with Right hand

Combination 3

  1. Inward block w/Left open hand and simultaneous Right thrust punch to uke’s ribs
  2. Slide Left hand up and grab uke’s shoulder
  3. Pull uke in with Left while simultaneously Right back punch to uke’s temple
  4. Continue in same direction with Right hand and grab uke’s opposite shoulder with Right hand
  5. Push with Left hand pull with Right on shoulders (uke should fall to the ground)
  6. While still holding uke with Right, shuffle up and Left two knuckle punch to the face.

Combination 4

The first part of this form is featured in Kata 6.

  1. Step back with Right leg with a simultaneous Right upward block
  2. Throw uke’s arm out of way with Right arm 
  3. Right rake to face with Right hand
  4. Right roundhouse (instep or ball) to ribs or face 
  5. Land in a scissor stance (Right foot crossed over Left)
  6. Step w/Right show stomp to groin 
  7. Bring feet together then straddle uke to show stomp and spread of face 
  8. Right foot scooping uke’s face to Left, then immediately Right side kick to uke’s face 
  9. Cross and cover [No hand techniques.]

Combination 5

  1. Step to the inside of punch (Right foot steps in, then Left meets Right)
  2. Simultaneously break uke’s arm with Left knife hand (near wrist) and Right chicken wrist (a little above elbow)
  3. Right back two knuckles from chamber position to uke’s face
  4. Continue blocking with Left while Right side thrust heel kick to the midsection
  5. Cross and cover

Combination 6

  1. Step to the Left with the Left foot
  2. Right knife hand block and trap
  3. Right front ball kick
  4. Cross and cover

Combination 7

  1. Step to the Left with the Left foot, rotating your body to the side, so the right hip is facing uke
  2. Right knife hand block and trap 
  3. Right side heel kick to uke’s ribs 
  4. Cross and cover