Getting Started

    Think of the dojo as a family community center. Come on in for a visit! You’ll see first hand how welcoming the community is and you’ll see students at every level from white belt all the way to black belt. How to start? Review the location and class schedule for the dojo closest to you.

  • Arlington Dojo
    Natick Dojo
    Classes are offered several times per week and often multiple times per day at both of our dojos.
  • Contact us to schedule a class visit
    The best way to get started is to visit the dojo with your child (or children). Each class lasts about an hour and your child can participate along with all the other students.
  • Sign up for a plan
    Most families elect to train once or twice per week, but some older students train three or more times per week (check the schedule). You can stay and watch while they train or you can run some errands or just take some “me time” knowing your kids are in great hands!

When to begin?

There are a few very common questions that people ask when looking to join a karate school. One of the most common is, “What is the best age to start karate?”

The first thing to remember is that training is tailored to be age appropriate. Some children begin training as young as 3. One of our newest black belts recently just turned 70 years young. The most common age to start training is between 7 years old to preteens.

Whatever your child’s age, karate is a great way to learn balance, focus, respect, self-control and goal setting.

Rules of the Dojo

To be applied at school, at home and everywhere else

Learning Karate is more than physical training.

Professor DiRico’s programs are founded on five core principals that help children and adults succeed in class and in any of their endeavors in life. Each and every day, we reinforce these rules.

These principals are:

  • Effort – Always try your best
  • Etiquette – Be polite and thoughtful of others
  • Sincerity – Be honest
  • Character – Strive to be a better person
  • Self-Control – Always have mental & physical control

Parents and school teachers of our students regularly report that they are the most respectful and courteous children of their peers.

Our goal is to use martial arts training to empower each student with the life skills and mind set to succeed in life.

Parties & Events


We’ve hosted hundreds of birthday parties

Rocky currently instructs over 500 children weekly and has hosted birthday parties for many families including the children of many prominent public figures including past Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, Boston Celtic Kevin McHale and Supreme Court Judge Stephen Breyer. Rocky can host your special birthday party including introductory Karate forms and awards. Click here to see pricing.

The parties are educational, a great experience for all and will make your child the center of attraction in a safe, fun environment. For reservations and pricing information, please contact us to make arrangements.

Let's Party

Visit a class (virtually)

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